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As well as Twinmaker the novel, Crashland the sequel, and Hollowgirl the finale (nominated for an Aurealis Award), there are many, many bonus stories set in the same universe, concerning characters connected to Clair in one way or another. The stories come in several different flavors: traditional and canonical, urban myths, six-word stories, remixes, and traditional and non-canonical (ie stories about d-mat or the like that don’t fit into the series). There are also deleted scenes, which I suppose aren’t really stories but they kinda count. See below for more info and links.

twinmaker-cInstant Elsewhere:

  • Tapas is a content provider for mobile phones that has made the bold leap from graphic novels to traditional stories, and Twinmaker stories are right there on the front line! Instant Elsewhere is a collection of some of the very best d-mat stories, all, packaged up for your reading pleasure. You can read them on the bus, in a coffee shop, while trying to sleep – you name it! You can find more information about it, and a full list of stories, at this post here.

“I, Q”:

  • This novella gets its own category because it’s special. “I, Q” is a series of thirty-one short pieces that tell the story of Twinmaker from Q’s point of view. It’s available now from Allen & Unwin in a special electronic edition . (See below for a list of deleted scenes.) This is a cut-back version of the novel 113, which is currently available on Wattpad, for free, right now.


  • This is another special case. “Redux” is a novella that connects books one and three of the series in a unique (and slightly hard to explain) way. It’s Jesse’s personal Escape from New York, fighting dupes and his own doubts. “Redux” is available worldwide from Allen and Unwin.

Traditional and canonical:

Coming soon –

  • “Loopholes in Light” – Sometimes suicide is definitely not the easy way out. Due in 2018 from Daily SF.

Out now –

Urban Myths:

Twinmaker is kinda like an urban myth writ large: girl tries meme to make herself pretty and things go horribly wrong (in urban myths they always do). As an exercise I started exploring what other such stories might arise from this world. These are the results. (Some are unavailable at the moment, possibly to appear in another Tapas collection.)

Six-word stories:

  • Here are a handful of tiny bonuses, rather silly six-word stories, each of which is shorter than this sentence.


  • I dig breaking the stories apart and putting them back together again. Here are a few.
  • The biggest remix of them all is 113, a rewriting of the entire first book in the series from another character’s point of view. You can read more about that here, or just go straight to reading it here.

Traditional and non-canonical:

I have previously published several stories and one novel that involve d-mat (or something very much like it). Here are some of them, if you want to take your reading even further.

  • RESURRECTED923cover“The N-Body Solution” – A soldier stuck at the end of the universe meets a woman on the run from her past. Together they solve the mystery of an ancient and deadly alien artifact. In Armored, edited by John Joseph Adams. Interview here.
  • “A View Before Dying” – An astronaut repair crew beamed to a probe midway through its journey confronts mortality and the mysteries of alien life while desperately trying to get home. In my collection Magic Dirt: The Best of Sean Williams.
  • “New Flames for an Old Love” and “On the Road to Tarsus” – These were my first d-mat stories and I suspect they are now out of print. However, you might still find secondhand copies of the collections in which they were reprints: A View Before Dying and Light Bodies Falling. (I might have some spare copies of the former, so feel free to shoot me a line.) “New Flames” is now online at the link above.
  • And finally, there’s The Resurrected Man, a full-blown novel in the future-noir mode about a detective trying to solve the mystery of his own missing memories while accused of a series of terrible crimes involving the copying and murder of women who all look exactly like his ex. Sounds huge and sprawling? It is. It was also nominated for some awards and even won one, and almost became a TV series at one point (it still might). This could almost be set in the same universe as Twinmaker, if you squinted real hard. Here’s a blurb from Scott Westerfeld, author of Uglies: “When matter transmission booths are finally invented, no doubt certain children will instinctively fear stepping into them. The Resurrected Man magically prefigures those childhood terrors of tomorrow, resulting in a police procedural that is unblinking, noirish, and gnawingly compelling.”

Deleted Scenes

These are scenes cut from earlier drafts of Twinmaker. Actions scenes, alternate endings, lost character moments . . . just like the special features on a DVD, these are all the bits that were too bad to go in but too good to get rid of forever! (The image below is an unused cover concept. Read more about that here.)

This is a deleted scene from Crashland:

These are deleted scenes from “I, Q”.

d-mat hatHere’s an alternate ending to Hollowgirl.


If you’re interested in knowing who appears in what stories, there’s a “family tree” here.

Finally Finally

Over the course of almost a year I tweeted selected lines from Twinmaker, partly to keep the book out in the ether, partly to highlight my favourite lines and moments, also as an exercise to see what the book would look like after such a radical disintegration. You can read the “raw” extracts and a brief commentary on them here. Then I did the same thing with “I, Q” and Crashland. The hashtag version of Hollowgirl is available here.

Finally Finally Finally

If you’re interested in reading about my PhD, which touches on matters related to matter transmitters and Twinmaker, you can find a list of posts and excerpts here.


  1. The book was thought provoking in its out-of-the-box propositions, and tantalizing in its clever possibilities. However, it left me hanging as if there’s more to the story. I see that you have several short companion stories to “Twinmaker”, but will you be writing a sequel to the book? I feel as if it’s missing an ending and I want more! I really enjoyed what I’ve read so far. Enough with vampires and werewolves, we need more seriously unique sci-fi such as this that causes the reader to think. After all, as has been evident with many older sci-fi authors, your subject matter may not remain fiction for long and could be a pre-cautionary tale for the relatively near future. Awesome read, need more!
    Sincerely, Cat FitzGerald

    • Thanks for your feedback, Cat. I’m really pleased you liked the book. As it happens, re a sequel, you’re in luck! The second book comes out at the end of this month. Crashland (Crash in Australia) picks up right from where Twinmaker (Jump) left off. There will be a third, which I’m tidying up right now. And then the story will be done.

      If you subscribe to the newsletter today (you’ll find a link at the latest post on the Twinmakerbooks blog) you’ll receive an exclusive short prequel and the first chapter to Crashland, to whet your appetite. 🙂

  2. […] and short stories featuring the trope (plus my very first, unpublished short), and the number of Twinmaker-related stories just passed twenty-five. I’m currently working on two more, and I have an unsold novel featuring […]

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