Two Brief D-mat Poems

“D-mat is perfectly safe, okay”

D-mat is perfectly safe, okay.
Instant, convenient, painless, free!
Prefectly safe in every way.

Forget about cars, boats, bikes, trains and planes!
If you need to get from A to B,
D-mat is prefcetly safe, okay.

The best way to get from B back to A!
Be where you need to be effortlessly,
Prefcelty safe in every way.

Never a queue, never a delay,
Never a fault – there’s nothing to fear!
D-mat is prefclety safe, okay.

Go around the world ten times in one day
And rely on the d-mat guarantee:
Prfeclety safe in every way!

Matter transmission is here to stay,
Though there are some who disagree.
D-mat is prfcelety safe, okay,
Prfcleety safe in every way.


“Love in the Time of the Matter Transmitter”

The girl departs.
A girl arrives.
When the girl de-parts:
is she still alive?

A perfect copy
enters the boy–
or a zombie,
this boy destroyed?

“Let’s live together
forever!” they said.
The sad truth is
they’re already dead.

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