“Twinmaker took my breath away. A triumph of thrilling action and vivid

imagination.”-Alison Goodman, author of EON and EONA


“A mind-blowing adventure about what it means to be human, and what it means

to find ourselves.”-Scott Westerfeld, author of UGLIES and LEVIATHAN


“A gripping YA thriller, coming of age and love story that transports the

reader to a future that looks a whole lot better than it really is …

Highly Recommended.”-Garth Nix, author of SABRIEL


“Twinmaker asks smart questions without easy answers, and presents a future

so simultaneously wonderful and terrible you can only believe in it–and

maybe wish you could be there, too. A thrilling, existential head trip

worthy of my favorite anime, I couldn’t stop reading this book. More

importantly, I couldn’t stop thinking about it.”-Alaya Dawn Johnson, author



“In a time when every second book seems to be a dour dystopia TWINMAKER is a

breath of fresh air. Not just because it’s hugely fun, or because it’s so

smart, but because behind its vision of a world in which distance has been

eliminated by matter transportation lies a book urgently engaged with the

ways social media and technology are transforming us, and unafraid of their

possibilities. I loved it.”


“Williams marries accessibly explored moral ramifications of future

technologies-a hallmark of mature science fiction-with a strong, capable

teen heroine and heart-pounding action” -KIRKUS

“The Devil D-mat”

Thanks to the brilliant person who, at an appearance at Stefen’s Books, gave me the idea for this story. The girl was possessed, her father said. A demon had got into her when she jumped by d-mat to New York in order to see an unsanctioned boy. (Who was himself in the grip of the […]

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“The Ghost of What Might Have Been”

No one talks about Anima Mutri anymore. Have you heard of her? No, I didn’t think so. She used to be an activist for social equality– women’s rights, anti-prejudice, that kind of thing. A friend of mine in the Abstainer movement met her once. Activists generally stick together, whether they’re boycotting d-mat or dumping shit […]

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“The Hacker”

This sounds like one of those stories, but I swear it’s true. D-mat wasn’t always free. It cost money–remember money?–and it was rationed. If you used up your allowance at the beginning of the week, then you’d be stuck at home on the weekend, unable to go out with your friends. We were always looking […]

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New Story: “Tall Tales about Today My Great-great-granddaughter Will Tell”

New Story: “Tall Tales about Today My Great-great-granddaughter Will Tell” 

This story, although not overtly a Twinmaker story, was definitely written with this future in mind. It’s also my first from Daily SF, and my ninety-seventh in print. Here’s the opening: “Once upon a time, people used to fly about in Air-O-Planes. One day the people driving the Air-O-Plane fell asleep, and it crashed into […]

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Twinmaker stories ahoy!

Twinmaker stories ahoy! 

Heads up! There’s a new Twinmaker story coming out in a few days, via the most excellent delivery system of Daily SF. If you subscribe now, you can be sure not to miss out – and you’ll reap the benefit of mind-blowing stories every day, delivered right to your inbox. The imminent arrival of this […]

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