“I Have A Vision”

There’s a trilogy of songs I will permanently associate with the Twinmaker series.

One is “Jump” by Van Halen, after the title of the first book of the series in Australia. The other is “Jesse’s Girl” by Rick Springfield. This song (which I always play when I’m DJing, if I can get away with it) is one of the reasons Jesse has the name that he has.

The third in the trilogy is “Fall” by Single Gun Theory. SGT was a band I just loved back in the 90s, and this song opens with an almost eerily apt line–“Energy never dies. It just changes form”–which is a sample from . . . somewhere? I don’t know. But its reproduction in the song and its message fit my books so wonderfully. If you don’t know it, check it out.  (The title of this post comes from the lyrics of “Fall”.)

Another track by SGT that would work for Twinmaker is “From a Million Miles”. And “Take Me Back”. Excuse me while I get all nostalgic . . .

SGT - 1 full


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