Blog Tour: Curling Up With A Dream of Book Wishes

Again, an unforgiveable conflation of three bloggers. Sorry! I’ve been flat-strap at Supanova all weekend so keeping up with everything has been beyond my jetlag-fogged brain. But here I am now, doing my best to catch up. Note that some of these are offering free books!

bethsheaderFirst, there’s an interview over at the excellent site, Curling Up with a Good Book:

“Clair Hill, the protagonist [is] inspired by my eldest niece, a remarkable young woman who is much smarter and braver than I ever was at her age. Clair is different to her, but I admire her just the same–for her resourcefulness and her determination, but also for her love of the people around her. That’s what drives her, not personal gain. She’s a good person and she’s trying to do good things, so when she makes mistakes, as everyone does, I can’t help but forgive her.”

Thanks for giving me the space to burble on about the book!

Then the latest review, from Samantha at A Dream of Books:

“At the beginning of this book I wasn’t convinced that it was going to be my kind of read. . . . but I’m so glad that I stuck with it and kept on reading because Sean Williams turned out a great story which was thought-provoking and interesting and raised so many ethical questions that I’m still pondering some of them now.”

That’s a recurring theme in some reviews: stick with it because it pays off (for those that don’t love it from the start). I’m grateful to people for going the whole nine yards. I do think it’s worth it, of course.

Edited to add: Book Wishes also reviewed Twinmaker and it totally slipped under my radar–until now!

I loved this world, a place where we could venture anywhere inside a mirrored elevator! OK that sounds a bit like Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator, but who would not want to ride it, ME ME ME! Also in this world they recycled clothes through a fabber. I am all about saving the planet! Then Clair lived in Maine and her school was in CA how nice to venture to a different place to learn everyday. So you get I liked the world. Yes I know the dangers and read the book but life is life, live a little. LOL well I say that and this is coming from a person that makes her own skin products out of fear of what is in them!”

Lastly, not part of the blog tour but timely nonetheless, a review just appeared in the November issue of Magpies magazine:

“With its terrifying twists and turns, this is a novel that takes the reader on a breathtaking ride. . . . The import of the series’ title becomes horribly clear in the last pages. The two sequels will be eagerly awaited.”

I’m really pleased with the positive response and the interest the book has generated. If you’ve read it and liked it, thank you! If you’ve posted reviews or ranked it anywhere, or even just told your friends, thanks again! I’m very grateful for your support.

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