Crashland is coming

…and here’s the social media graphic to prove it!


Personally, I think Clair is awesome and kickass, but I would, wouldn’t I? Here’s a slightly edited monologue (no spoilers!) from a new character in the book who agrees with me:

You remind me of me when I was young. You see through the bullshit the way others don’t. That gives you an edge—but sometimes you wish you could just see things normally and live a contented, shallow life. From the moment we learn to speak, we’re destined to cause trouble, for ourselves and for those around us. We either speak up or burn up from the inside, consumed by our own vision.

Some people would regard you as a hero. Others would shoot you on sight. I offer you a middle ground, something to remember no matter what you might hear me say in public. You’re neither hero nor villain. You’re the girl who gave Turner Goldsmith the ending he needed.

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