Kirkus Hearts Hollowgirl

HollowGirl-HC-CoverI won’t post the entire review because it’s full of spoilers, but there is this great quote:

“The final act is packed with surprises that make perfect sense in retrospect. A philosophical marathon.”

Which sums up exactly what I’m looking for in a book: an ending that isn’t obvious in advance but arises out of what came before, and a reading experience that stretches the brain. Thanks, Kirkus Reviews!

Note: Hollowgirl is called Fall in Australia. Both will be out late October. Just for the hell of it, here’s the opening paragraph:

Clair was twelve the first time a story about d-mat truly scared her. She was at a sleepover with Libby and a girl named Jude, a friend who later drifted away after getting into sports. They had been whispering long past their bedtime when Libby said in an almost gleeful voice, ā€œDid you hear the one about the girl who used d-mat to lose weight . . . and died?ā€

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