Gondolas in Manhattan

SAMSUNGWhere have I hear that before? Hmmm.

Here’s the headline from Gizmodo:

Hey Future New Yorkers, Have Fun Paddling to Work

“If you’re planning to live in the Big Apple for the foreseeable future, it’s time to invest in flood insurance and a gondola.” Etc.

And here’s Twinmaker chapter 66:

“Ahead was the famous skyline of the Manhattan Isles, as familiar to Clair as the gondolas that plied its crystalline waters. The buildings weren’t the tallest in the world, and they certainly weren’t the only ones to have suffered inundation, but their restoration had been a potent symbol for the generation following the Water Wars. Clair’s parents still talked about seeing the opening of the first walkways as kids.”

I’m not saying I thought of it first, just that it’s definitely gondola-time.


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