New Story: “A Giant Leap for a Man”

Helping Antipodean SF celebrate its 200th issue (!!) is a new Twinmaker story revealing Clair’s birth-father’s name, and why he’s out of the picture. Here are the opening lines:

Clarita - editedRyder’s hands were deep in the exposed guts of a d-mat booth when he received the message that would change his life.

“We’re having a baby.”

I remember getting a phone call just like that, nearly thirty years ago!

There’s also a brief note about why I’m enjoying writing such short short stories at the moment. A lot of people loathe flash fiction, but I’ve come to appreciate and love them, particularly when time is tight. That doesn’t mean they’re easier to write. What it does mean is that I get to spend a greater percentage of time honing every sentence, and that in this day and age is a blessing.

AntiSF - contributor-artwork-sean-williams

Images by “clarita” from morguefile and DasWortgewand.

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