Fab Feb

Travel & Imagination - coverI will never stop thinking that matter transmitters are interesting. As further evidence of this, my first academic publication, a chapter in a book called Travel & Imagination, is coming out in April. I received the cover and publication date this week. The title of my chapter is “MT Promises: Science Fictional Travel Technologies and the Making and Unmaking of Corporeal Identity”. Does that sound catchy? It makes sense in context. I’m excited.

Meanwhile, I’ve been working on getting my Hollowgirl synopsis in a fit shape so I can start writing. That’s the current working title of book three, except in Australia, where it’s called Fall. There are a lot of extracurricular things keeping me busy too. Spirit Animals: Blood Ties, the third installment in this bestselling series co-written by me and Garth Nix, is out next month. Troubletwisters 4 (The Missing or Missing, Presumed Evil, depending on where you live) is not far behind. Garth and I will be touring, so watch out for that. I conducted a quick “Twinterview” (an interview by Twitter, nothing to do with twins) here. I’ve also been brainstorming new ideas for life after Twinmaker – although really it’s impossible to think that far ahead. There’s too much happening right here, right now. (Including Adelaide Writers’ Week, which starts tomorrow.)

In the last month on Twinmakerbooks:

Thanks again all to the readers and bloggers who reviewed the book. If you liked it, spread the word. I’m looking at ways to reward you in the very near future!

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