Deeply Dreaming Hollowgirl

Fall - deep dream version - detailWhen you’re not reading your copy of Instant Elsewhere, here’s some nightmare material to haunt your sleep. These come courtesy of Google’s Deep Dream Generator, whereby you feed images into AI the wrong way, producing strangely mutated visions that look like a cross between Van Gogh and Giger. (Van Giger? Now there’s a username.)

Just imagine what might happen if you hooked up a d-mat booth to this kind of system . . . the hideous forms that might emerge . . .

Go to the bottom of the page to experience the full horror!

(You can also click on the images to see the mutated covers in all their glory.)

Hollowgirl - deep dream version - detail







Instant Elsewhere - deep dream version - detail










James Braund - deep dream version

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