Weekly Grammar Worksheet Subject-Verb Agreement Answer Key

At the heart of effective communication is proper grammar. One of the essential aspects of grammar is subject-verb agreement. This concept dictates that the subject and verb in a sentence should agree in number, meaning that they should both be singular or plural.

To help students and writers strengthen their grasp of subject-verb agreement, many teachers and editors use weekly grammar worksheets. These worksheets typically include a variety of sentences with errors in subject-verb agreement, and the goal is for the student or writer to identify and correct these errors.

To ensure maximum effectiveness, many worksheets also include an answer key. This tool helps students and writers verify their own work and provides additional opportunities for them to learn from their mistakes and improve their understanding of subject-verb agreement.

In a typical weekly grammar worksheet, students might encounter a sentence like this:

“The dogs barks loudly in the park.”

The error in this sentence is that the subject “dogs” is plural, so the verb “barks” should be pluralized to “bark.” A correctly written sentence should read:

“The dogs bark loudly in the park.”

Other examples of subject-verb agreement errors might include instances where the subject is separated from the verb by a descriptive phrase, as in:

“The group of runners runs every morning.”

In this case, the subject is “group,” which is singular, so the verb should be singularized to “run.” A corrected sentence should read:

“The group of runners run every morning.”

By incorporating weekly grammar worksheets with answer keys into their curriculum or editing process, teachers and editors can help students and writers build essential language skills that will serve them throughout their lives. With consistent practice and careful attention to detail, anyone can master the art of subject-verb agreement and communicate with clarity and confidence.

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